Safety Certified

Safety Certified

basic_transBGSafety is our number one concern when it comes to our business. It should be for your event as well. We are safety certified by S.I.O.T.O – Safe Inflatables Operators Training Organization – for all events both publice and private. You can check our current certification by visiting their website.

 “If a strong wind comes, will the bouncy float away?!”

You would not believe how many times we hear this. During extreme weather conditions, this could happen, if the bouncy is not properly secured.

Got Stakes?

With every rental we make sure that our bouncy’s are staked down properly. We use 24″ long steel rebar stakes on all four corners and midpoints – depending on the size of the bouncy. Your children are safe when renting from Bouncin’ Buddies!


We Are Fully Insured

Feel safe knowing that we are safety certified by the state of New Jersey and fully insured!


Notice From The State of New Jersey

See what the State of New Jersey has to say about bounce rental safety here.